Current Operation of the Group

The group meets on weekly basis at the Early Intervention Centre for Children with Special need every Saturdays from 4.30pm to 7.00pm and caters for approximately 25-30 children, at one given time.

During these each parent and the child will have a turn to enter to the specialist for appox. 20+min. The parent will observe the specialist working with their child and it is imperative the parent’s follows the lesson with the child so that they can better assist him/her at home.

The attending specialists comprise of:

  • 3 Speech therapists
  • 1 Sign Language teacher
  • 1 Special Needs teacher
  • 1 physiotherapist/occupational therapist.

The Group’s Needs

Financial Support
The group needs continuous financial support to cover the running costs of the weekly session, and to cover for other ad hoc expenses such as stationeries, children entertainment, gifts, educational toys etc
We intend to employ a trained specialist to co-ordinate the play sessions in order to boost the intellectual development of the children through playgroup activities. At the same time the waiting time for the specialist is used more effectively.

The Early intervention Centre is now too congested for the increased number of parents attending the sessions. Our current plan is to obtain a premises (e.g. school building) to rent for 2.30 hours in a week. However we will need also storage to keep our materials with the premises.

We realise that they are number of children with Down Syndrome kept at home without any development, we need to reach them by more publicity about the group activities. This will also encourage parents who still find it difficult to overcome the shock of having a child with special need.

Future Plans
Our future hope is to prepare the children to be included in mainstream schools for those who are capable through a full time facility. For those who can’t, we hope to continue with special need schooling. However, we realise we will need to have our own premise to cater for full time facility. This is essential with the increased number of children with Down Syndrome born in Oman

Our Associations