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Vision & Mission
Our Vision

To promote an integrated and rewarding life.

Our Mission

To create a network that facilitated the interaction between the families, society, the academic the learning and training providers and the work field for persons with Down Syndrome.

Humanitarian and social activities provided by the association

Providing primary and comprehensive care and achieving social empowerment for children through:


Oman Syndrome Association Services

Psychosocial services

(Family and psychological counseling for the children of the association and their families / conducting research and studies on the situation of the child and his family, training families on how to train their son at home.

Educational Services

The association provides its services free of charge for the care and rehabilitation of children with Down syndrome, as the association follows the special education school system

Foundation educational services

These include (arithmetics - the principles of the Arabic language, general sciences - Islamic education and behavioral skills, independence skills (daily life, self-care)

Vocational preparation training

The association implements a vocational preparation program to rehabilitate and train children in accordance with their mental abilities and the degree of their physical disability

Extracurricular activities

It includes activities that fall outside the framework of the curriculum aimed at revealing and developing children's abilities, in addition to recreational and social goals

Support Services

It includes the provision of physiotherapy services, occupational therapy, special education, speech therapy skills, and family counseling. Psychological and behavioral therapy


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